Selena Gomez Hairstyles

There are lots of people who have a round face shape just like the face shape of Selena Gomez. With this face shape you should try to add some length to the hairstyle such as the Selena Gomez hairstyles. You can let the hair go past the chin and around the neck to make it appear the face is longer as the attention is drawn to the length of the hair which is also what Selena Gomez hairstyles accomplish.

She still has those dark, long, fringed bangs to go with her darker skin tones and her dark natural looking eyebrows and dark eyes that match the hair style and her natural looking for her skin tone make up. The Selena Gomez hairstyles stay just below shoulder length and may be loose with long curls. Selena Gomez hairstyles accent her youth in a casual manner that also looks sophisticated when she is wearing it that way.

The Selena Gomez hairstyles turn a bit more sensual because with her gorgeous dark hair and natural looking dark eyebrows she can look wild and sultry at the same time. And she has added straight and sometimes angled to her hair repertoire that frames her face beautifully and is her look.

Emo Girl Hairstyles for Short Hair

Emo girl hairstyles for short hair is a hairstyle within the emo subculture which is attuned to hardcore punk following the 1980s DC band sound which is raw yet somehow refined at the same time. Emo girl hairstyles for short hair will be generally black as black is the color of choice for emo girl hairstyles for short hair along with black nail polish and toe nail polish. Along with black whether very short of even shorter it may also be spiked. If the emo girl doesn’t have black hair she will dye it a jet black to keep this style.

When you are looking at your teenagers who want emo girl hairstyles for short hair remember that hair is one thing that always grows and so does hair color. This is a modern fashion statement for girls who want to be different yet look like other emo girls. With emo hairstyles you do need to keep the hair clean so it stays healthy with all of the hair dye on it. There are shampoos made that cater to black dyed hair. Also emo hairstyles may include some blocks of color within the many spikes which adds a very trendy edge to the emo girls hairstyle creation.

Megan Fox Hairstyles

Megan Fox who is an astoundingly good looking model and actress has that long sexy shiny hair to die for so Megan Fox hairstyles require a lot of care and a lot of healthy product and vitamins. Megan Fox hairstyles are created with many long layers in her very dark hair. She stays with dark hair which is a perfect fit with her skin tone. Whenever you color you hair you need to keep in mind your skin tone so that hair color looks natural just like Megan Fox hairstyles and color looks very natural on her.

Megan Fox hairstyles often sport a center part which goes with her heart shaped face. With her wide set slightly upturned eyes her long hair framing her face is actually perfect. Sometimes her hairstyle is wavy and very seductive with the dark arched brows and strong cheek bones.

If you plan to carry off the Megan Fox look you will have to keep those very long locks in excellent condition by using lots of healthy products and getting your ends trimmed on a very regular basis. Also plan on spending some time getting those also heavy lengths of hair dry using a blow dryer with some artistic movement.

Asian Hairstyle Trends 2011

There can be nothing better than keeping up with all the great trends and styles out there, in particular when considering hairstyles. Because of this there can be some things to look at in regards to Asian hairstyle trends for 2011.

Going with a great bob is a fantastic way to get involved with Asian hairstyle trends in 2011. This is manageable and can be a perfect way to frame a cute face. Spice it up a little and have a nice fringe, or short bang look. These can be a little spikey, but are often trend setters by being side swept bangs. A good hairstyle looks great on a person, and is something that makes them feel better about themselves. This means changing it up can be a great idea.

Try face framing angles, a great choppy hairstyle, or something that is short and has some spikes. This can be achieved with product. Go to a good stylist that is experienced with the individual hair type. This can help with the advice they give to getting the best hairstyle. Texture and adding fullness is often something that is wished for. Discuss this with the stylist and get an idea of what may be best to achieve the look that is desired. This can often be done with layers or chunking. Perhaps adding a unique and distinctive color to the tips is something a person has been thinking about for some time. This can be very cute and is a great way to get some change.

Keri Hilson Hairstyles

The rhythm and blues hip hop artist, Keri Hilson is wearing shorter or shoulder length hair so Keri Hilson hairstyles have a bob look but not short enough to be called pixie cut. She is not afraid to play with different hair styles and to leave her hair its natural dark color or to go with white streaks or with blonde ringlet curls. Or she may have her hair cut short and keep it dark on the side and swirl as diagonal cut bangs with this hair lying sexy over the top of her forehead toward her brow and ear. Keri Hilson hairstyles do tend to change but never seem to be in a long style.

Keri Hilson hairstyles often go with a shorter bob or a shoulder length bob to accent her wide face. Keri Hilson hairstyles can be a short blonde bob or a shoulder length black bob with feather cut bangs that may be streaked with blonde or even a mahogany color and a dark color of hair. She has also worn her hair in a short straight bob with the feathered bangs in a fringe and that fringe comes down over her forehead with the fringe being streaked with various colors.

Pony Tail Hairstyles 2011

Is it possible that an easy to maintain, yet great, hairstyle is needed to keep a person looking good all week long? If that's the case it could be wise to think about ponytail hairstyles for 2011. This great and simple look can work for all sorts of occasions, and because of this should always be on the list of looks.

Wearing a simple ponytail at the middle of the back of the head is a classic, clean hairstyle. Try freshing it up though. Use a fine band and put it up loosely so that it's possible to pull the hair through and make it a flipped ponytail hairstyle this 2011. Perhaps it's better to just get it put up quickly so it will be out of the way all day long, but a little change is in order. Try adding face framing wisps around the face. This will frame it well and add great texture.

The low, loose pony tail is always a great looking and manageable hairstyle. But try adding a simple change by using some simple product and using an iron to make one large curl in the back. This will make it elegant, and is sure to win the wearer some compliments during the workday or when out for a play date. One of the other ways to change up the ponytail hairstyle is to pull it through the holder a time or two, but then not pull it all the way out. Fluff a little, and this makes a classy, loose bun shape in the back of the head.


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