Beyonce Hairstyles

It is hard to keep up with Beyonce’s beautiful voice and various hairstyles. Beyonce is usually a traditional girl and she likes long hair. She also loves big curls. So sometimes she wears big curls that almost make her hair look like a huge afro. This hairstyle is very dramatic and she garners all the attention no matter what she is doing. Whether it is a video shoot or the red carpet she captures attention with her head full of curls.

Probably Beyonce’s next most common due is when she wears it totally straight. Beyonce wears long tresses that are generally light brown in color. Sometimes she wears cut bangs that bring attention to her face. Other times Beyonce does not wear bangs and simply sweeps all the hair to one side to create a dramatic and sexy affect. Anyone can easily pull off this hairstyle and create a great and fresh look. She definitely likes to switch the hair up. Just because she wears it long, she makes sure that it is not boring. Beyonce keeps it interesting and fresh. Anyone who wants the straight look can simply flat iron the hair for a sleek look.

When Beyonce portrayed the legendary singer Etta James she wore it very short and very light blonde. It was uncharacteristic of her and what she generally wears but it was edgy and short hairstyles are definitely in style so it was a good look. Sometimes she also wears a shoulder length bob but in true Beyonce hairstyle she keeps it curly and fun. Big rollers or a big barrel curling iron are a great way to get curls.

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Pedicures: Every Woman Needs Them

There is nothing like pampering the feet. Both ladies and men can agree that a pedicure can do wonders for the feet. Pedicures are manicures for the feet. Salons have sprung up all over that give pamper people’s feet and provide all types of pedicures.

Generally people receive warm massages to their feet and at some salons they put on a number of different lotions and ointments that are designed to further provide an enjoyable environment for the feet. The point of a pedicure is to remove dead skin and other problems so customers can enjoy their feet being rubbed down and exfoliated to remove the rough skin that likes to call the foot area home.

Depending on the salon some people receive special attention to certain parts of their feet. People who are diabetic or even those that have foot problems or are pregnant can go to certain salons and receive specialized treatment for their specific needs.

After the feet have been pampered then the toes can be designed. Some people opt for no color and may simply want them to be painted clear. However, most people like some type of color or designs on their toes to really make them beautiful. Customers can choose the color or colors that they want and some people even choose designs.

There are an endless number of choices available for the toenails and people take full advantage of this. Some people like their feet and toes to match and they color coordinate form head to toe. Other people paint their toes to celebrate certain holidays such as Christmas for the 4th of July.

Mullet Hairstyles

The mullet is a hairstyle that has been on the scene for a long time. Once thought of as a look from the 80’s many people do not realize how many people are still wearing the hairstyle. There is much debate about the hairstyle, some people love it and some hate it. However one thing is for sure it definitely stands out.

As stated before in prior years the mullet was very popular and could be seen on kids, rock stars and many celebrities. The interesting thing about the mullet is there are no gender gaps. Both men and female enjoy the style and can wear it. Many hairstyles have gotten their beginnings from the mullet style and it continues to be a trendsetter today. The mullet hairstyle has certain characteristics; generally the hair is really short on the front and sides and generally long in the back. The top and side can be as short as people want some people even had the hair so short that it appeared to be spiked up. Many of the short styles today have that same look so it is evident that the mullet can be seen in a lot of hairstyles today.

The back of the hair can be as long or short as individual’s desire. Some people like a long “tail” and they let it grow and grow. As stated before these options are available to both men and women because the mullet is a universal style. Some individuals may not understand it or see it as a fashion trend but it has paved the way for a variety of new and upcoming hairstyles.

Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Ever since Katie Holmes became Mrs. Tom Cruise the public has been obsessed with her every move including her changing hairstyles. Back when Katie Holmes first began acting she wore long brown hair. She sometimes wore it layered and occasionally a blunt cut bang but for the most part she wore it long and curly. This was a good look for Katie Holmes since she was young and adorable and an upcoming actress and this particular hairstyle made her look feminine and inviting. Katie Holmes next had her sporting shoulder length tresses but she stayed true to her brown color and she kept her natural waves.

Lately Katie Holmes has been playing around with different hairstyles and has had the nerve to be a little more daring. She has stepped out of her comfort zone and has been displayed with some new looks. She has worn a Bob haircut with blunt cut bangs. This look was so popular and becoming for Katie Holmes that it became known as the Katie Holmes Bob. She experimented with this particular haircut and wore it swept to one side and made it into her own look. Most of the time she wore it straight and she looked great but every now and then she might add a few loose waves or curls to make it a little different.

After the Bob haircut Katie Holmes went extremely short and shocked the world with her new do. She stills wears her signature side swept bangs and experiments with her new length of hair. Katie Holmes can be spotted on the red carpet or around town totting her daughter with her boyish yet stylish haircut.

American Manicure

The debate has long gone on about the difference between American and French manicures. Ladies could probably debate for hours at a time about which one is the best. American manicures are very similar to French manicures but there are some key differences.

Instead of the white tip or the pink overlay American manicures use more natural coloring to design the nails. The tip color is generally closer to a crème color. American manicures are generally closer to the color of natural nails. This type of polish probably looks the most natural when put on artificial nails. American manicures do not have the bright pink or white coloring but they are just as elegant as many people prefer the more laid back tones of an American manicure.

Just like with a French manicure customers have the final say so over how exactly they want the nails designed. Many people prefer American manicures because they do not want people to know they wear false nails. They want their nails to appear real and the American manicure can help those interested in this.

American manicure kits can be purchased from retail locations. The great thing about the kit is not only are they cheaper than going to the salon but they give simple step by step instructions on how to apply the nails. For those individuals who want to give a try at home they should not have a problem applying the nails. These kits generally contain the same type of materials or similar ones that are used in professional salons.

Bun Hairstyles

Bun hairstyles have not gone anywhere. Buns have been around for a long time and in many ways they have not changed. Bun hairstyles are a great option for any elegant event or to give ladies a more mature look.

The great things about bun hairstyles are that ladies can dress them up or dress them down and still look great. Buns are a great option for special events. Many ladies wear bun hairstyles for events such as weddings and proms. This is a great hairstyle because it takes much of the focus off of the hair and leaves it on the outfit and the face. When a beautiful bride gets married she does not want people focusing too hard on her hair. She wants people to focus on her beautiful dress and even better her impeccable facial features. When young ladies go to the prom they may search for months for the perfect dress so they want people to notice how good they look. Hairstyle is important but a pretty and a simple bun hairstyle guarantees that the hair will not take away from the dress.

There is no one way to make a bun hairstyle. Some people prefer sleek buns and other people prefer looser bun hairstyles that may have ringlets or hairs hanging out. In order to make bun ladies can sweep the hair to the back of their head. They should make sure the hair is smooth. Some individuals may need to use promenade or a little gel to make sure the hairs stay in place with a bun hairstyle.

Rihanna Nail Art

Rihanna is known to be a trendsetter. Her great hairstyles and funky clothing have the public begging for more. Rihanna is no stranger to accessories and she is often spotted wearing some fashionable shade of nail polish. The great thing about Rihanna is that her nails do not actually have to match her outfit to look fab sometimes they simply might match her mood.

For instance Rihanna has been spotted wearing smiley face designs on her nails. Her fans as well as the critics love it and they are constantly getting opinions about her nail designs. Rihanna is still a girly girl and heart and she does not stray away from bright colors. It is not uncommon to see her with neon greens or pinks and sometimes depending on her mood Rihanna mixes the colors together. Rihanna is not afraid to be different and take chances even when it comes down to her nails. Most of the time her nail color has nothing to do with her outfit and many people might even feel that they do not necessarily match. Rihanna definitely loves yellow nails. She has been spotted on the street and at several events with yellow nails. Neon green is another color that keeps popping up.

Rihanna also has a punk edge to her and she is not afraid to wear black nail polish. Rihanna can be spotted with designs on the black nail polish to help them stand out. Rihanna never disappoints when it comes down to fashion and her fingernails are no exception.

Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Ever since country singer Taylor Swift stepped on the scene she has amazed people with her beautiful and mature voice as well as her beautiful style. As she continues to grow and mature in the eye of the media, her fashion choices have become a big topic of discussion. Taylor Swift’s beautiful blonde hair has always been a distinguishing feature for her and her signatures stylish curls fit her well.

Taylor has naturally curly hair but she does wear it long and wavy at times. When Taylor Swift wears it curvy and long she has loose curls that sweep her face and shoulders. She has layers cut throughout her long mane which help to showcase her beautiful facial features. Her most common hairstyle is when she wears her natural curves. Taylor has beautiful hair and her natural curls complement her face very well. Taylor Swift generally wears side swept bangs over one side of her face that definitely showcases her stunning beauty. Though her hair is curly she has been spotted wearing little ringlets throughout her mane. These small curls are generally accomplished by a curling iron or rollers and they simply help to add to her already curly mane.

At some events Taylor Swift has also been spotted wearing elegant buns or simply pinning up her long hair. This is a good look for her because it brings all the attention to her beautiful face. Blonde is her general hair color but she does occasionally experiment with various shades of brown. The light hues of brown compliment Taylor Swift and her natural blonde color very well.

Mohawk Hairstyles

The Mohawk has made a comeback. Men, women and children all love the look of the punk rock Mohawk. Most people are familiar with the hairstyle because it has always been thought of as a punk rock haircut. Many rock stars have worn the cut throughout the years and they continue the tradition today.

For those who have seen an actual Mohawk, there is no denying the look. Individuals create the look by shaving both sides of the head but leaving a single strip of hair that goes down the center of the head. This single strip is what makes the Mohawk. Some people spike the hair up and color it different colors. It is not uncommon to see spiked hair several inches tall and colored several different colors. This is what makes the Mohawk distinctive and fun. There are no exact rules for this hairstyles which is what makes it fun.

Today the Mohawk is just as imaginative. Many people do not wear their hair spiked but the signature strip down the middle and the shaved sides is still visibly apparent. Children wear this style, professional sports players and those that just want to have a little fun. The strip down the center allows individuals to do different things with their hair. Some people like to wear their strip real high and they may leave a lot of hair on the strip and create almost a hump. Though this hairstyle is generally seen in men some women are bold and daring enough to give the style a try.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the most common type of nail that people use. These types of nails are so popular that many people buy them from the store and apply them at home. Do it yourself kits have made the process easier and quicker and many consumers take advantage of this fact. Many people like acrylic nails simply because they add a little length to natural nails and many people like the fashionable look that they portray.

People who use acrylic nails have several choices when it comes to the application technique. Acrylic nails can be whole or partial and ladies can choose whether they want the application applied on the entire nail or if they want the material only on the tips. Acrylic is made out of liquid acrylic when consists of a monomer and a polymer. This substance is referred to as acrylic powder. The powder material is applied to the nail and it hardens almost immediately after being applied. Some ladies have long nails already and acrylic helps to make them stronger and keep them from breaking so they may elect to get a light acrylic overlay over their natural nails to help strengthen them.

Ladies now have beautiful nails that are ready to be designed. French manicures which consist of a white tip or polish on the nail is very popular and many ladies get the style. Ladies can also choose airbrush designs or they may simply want to use colored polish. Acrylic nails are reasonably priced and as stated before many people do them from the comfort of their own home.

Beautiful Bob Hairstyles

The bob hairstyle has taken individuals by storm and has become one of the most asked for hairstyles of the season. There are so many great things about the Bob hairstyle that it is hard to give the exact reason why ladies are so drawn to it. There are an endless number of possibilities when it comes to this hairstyle.

One of the greatest things about the Bob Hairstyle is perhaps the fact that it is low maintenance. Ladies can have a great looking hairstyle in minutes and without a lot of fuss over their head. For people who are pushed for time, which is most ladies, this can be a great time consuming style. Who doesn’t want to look great in minutes instead of the hours that it can take to achieve some hairstyles. Bob hairstyles are also great for any occasion. Ladies can dress the style up or down and still look amazing.

For those ladies that prefer longer hair. They can showcase the long bob hairstyle. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow display what is referred to as the shoulder length bob hairstyle. The front of her hair is longer and flows effortlessly toward her face and the back is shorter. This creates a great effect whether someone spies her form the back, the side or the front.

For those that do not want to chop all of their hair too short this is a great look and can be easily obtained and maintained by those who are interested. Ladies must make sure to have an alight angled cut in the front and stacked layers in the back to get the most out of the beautiful bob hairstyle.

Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Jessica Alba has gone through a number of hairstyles over the years. She has changed her hair for new looks and sometimes for movies that she was starring in. Jessica Alba’s hairstyles can be described as relatively simple and laidback with a style all her own.

Jessica Alba traditionally wears her hair long and wavy. Her natural hue appears to be a brown color and she wears this color often. Jessica Alba has beautiful hair and she generally wears it layered throughout. Like most long hairstyles she does occasionally wear the swept bangs which bring attention to one of her best features, her face. For a little while Jessica sported a shorter version of her hair and it was cut to about her shoulders.

Jessica Alba still had her signature layers and she even added blunt cut bangs. These bangs were perfect for her because she has such a full pretty face and she was able to showcase her best facial and neck features. Even though Jessica cut her hair to her shoulders she still preferred to wear it wavy with a few loose curls. On a couple of occasions she was spotted wearing it straight and when Jessica Alba added the blunt cut bangs to her hairstyle she pulled the look off well.

Jessica has also displayed a lighter hair color for her hairstyle, a lighter hue of brown almost like a honey blonde color. This lighter hairstyle goes well with Jessica’s complexion and allows her to change her looks. Jessica Alba should also be mentioned for her updo hairstyles she is not afraid to wear buns, or French braid type styles and she looks great.

Emo Hairstyles and Fashion

For many people, including Emo’s, their hairstyle is a direct indication of their fashion statement. For people who are conservative they generally have a conservative and fairly low key routine hairstyle. The word Emo started out as a form of uncharacteristic rock music but it has become so much more than just that. Emo has expanded to the fashion scene and is also evident in the hairstyles that individuals where.

Emo fashion is bold. Most people refer to it as punk rock attire and some might even consider it to be Gothic in nature though it is generally much more colorful and not focused on dark colors such as the color black. Both men and women wear black eyeliner as well as black finger nail polish. Body piercing is very popular in the Emo world and no body part is off limits. Some girls may opt for fishnet stockings with some type of unique mini skirt.

Both men and women who are into Emo fashion generally have unique hairstyles. Their hair may be several different colors. It can contain colors such as purple, yellow, red and blue. No color combination is off limits. Men and women who have what is known as Emo hairstyles generally have extremely spiky hair. The higher the spikes and the more color combinations used the more unique the person as well as the hairstyle is considered. Though there is much flexibility in the term Emo, one thing that is known is that there is definitely no one way to describe it.


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