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With all the short haircuts popping up on the scene some people may be wondering about long hair. The truth is that long hair is still very popular and many women still prefer to wear their long flawless locks. Long and wavy hair continues to be dominant in the hair world.

Some ladies prefer to wear their wavy hair all the same length. They like it long and wavy all the way around their head. Many celebrities and models opt for this style. The waves get the hair the little extra that it needs to really look great. Most ladies add a little shine to their locks to give them a little luster and they are ready for anything.

Another popular style is layers around the face. Ladies must be sure that they want to showcase their face because anytime the hair length differs around the face it bring more attention to the facial area. Some women opt for bangs which really add to the style. When ladies pair bangs with the long wavy style it creates a totally different look. The bangs can also be swept to the side for yet another distinctive look.

Each look is totally different and ladies can switch up the various looks to keep things different. Some ladies achieve the wavy style by washing their hair and letting it dry naturally. They may use moose or gel to help set the waves. Other ladies can use a curling iron to create small curls and when they fall they give the hair a soft and wavy appearance.

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